Qiong Yang
Biological Sciences, Complex Systems, Engineering, Informatics, Physical Science
Computing, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Databases and Data management, Graph-Based Methods, Image Data, Information Theory, Machine Learning, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Networks, Optimization, Statistics

Qiong Yang

Associate Professor

Biophysics, School of Literature, Science and the Arts

Associate Professor of Biophysics, Associate Professor of Physics, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts and Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, Medical School

My research program at the University of Michigan (UM) integrates the fields of biophysics, quantitative systems biology, and bottom-up synthetic biology to understand complex stochastic cellular and developmental processes in early embryos.
We have developed innovative computational and experimental techniques in microfluidics and imaging to allow high-throughput quantitative manipulation and single-cell lineage tracking of cellular spatiotemporal dynamical processes in various powerful in vitro and in vivo systems we established in my lab. These systems range from cell-free extracts, synthetic cells reconstituted in microemulsion droplets, presomitic mesoderm (PSM) and progenitor zone (PZ) cells dissociated from the zebrafish tail buds, their re-aggregated 2D and 3D cell-cell communications, ex vivo live tissue explants, and live embryos.
Our current research questions center around the understanding of the design-function relation of robust biological timing, growth, and patterning, how individual molecules and cells communicate to generate collective patterns, and how biochemical, biophysical, and biomechanical signals work together to shape morphogenesis during early embryo development.