Epidemiology, Mental Health, Policy Research, Population Sciences, Public Health, Social Sciences, Survey Research
Causal Inference, Data Collection Design, Data Management, Data Quality, Data Visualization, Econometrics, Geographic Information Systems, Heterogeneous Data Integration, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Missing Data and Imputation, Predictive Modeling, Statistical Inference, Statistical Modeling, Statistics, Survey Methodology, Time Series Analysis
Relevant Projects:

National Cancer Institute


Society for Epidemiologic Research, American Public Health Association, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Nancy Fleischer

Associate Professor


Dr. Fleischer’s research focuses on how the broader socioeconomic and policy environments impact health disparities and the health of vulnerable populations, in the U.S. and around the world. Through this research, her group employs various analytic techniques to examine data at multiple levels (country-level, state-level, and neighborhood-level), emphasizing the role of structural influences on individual health. Her group applies advanced epidemiologic, statistical, and econometric methods to this research, including survey methodology, longitudinal data analysis, hierarchical modeling, causal inference, systems science, and difference-in-difference analysis. Dr. Fleischer leads two NCI-funded projects focused on the impact of tobacco control policies on health equity in the U.S.