Computer Science, Healthcare Research
Artificial Intelligence, Computing, Data Integration, Databases and Data management, Machine Learning, Networks, Optimization, Security and Privacy

Mosharaf Chowdhury

Associate Professor

Computer Science and Engineering Division, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering

I am a computer scientist and an associate professor at CSE Michigan, where I lead the SymbioticLab (https://symbioticlab.org/). My research improves application performance and system efficiency of AI/ML and Big Data workloads with a recent focus on optimizing energy consumption and data privacy. I lead the ML Energy initiative (https://ml.energy/), a consortium of researchers focusing on understanding, controlling, and reducing AI/ML energy consumption. Over the course of my career, I have worked on a variety of networked and distributed systems. Recent major projects include Infiniswap, the first scalable memory disaggregation solution; Salus, the first software-only GPU sharing system for deep learning; FedScale, a scalable federated learning and analytics platform; and Zeus, the first GPU energy optimizer for AI. In the past, I invented the coflow abstraction for efficient distributed communication, and I am one of the original creators of Apache Spark. Thanks to my excellent collaborators, I have received many individual awards, fellowships, and paper awards from top venues like NSDI, OSDI, ATC, and MICRO.