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Moira Dowling

Project Manager

Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS)

Moira is an accomplished management professional with a broad background in research including industry sponsored clinical trials, regulatory and compliance regulations, IT strategy, HIPAA security and privacy, stakeholder engagement, team development, and process development and improvement (best standards).

Prior to her employment at the University of Michigan, she spent over eight years working in the pharmaceutical industry in pre-clinical and clinical research. She loved the research so returned to school to obtain her MPH in Biostatistics (UCLA, 1992). Upon graduation, she worked at the Department of Veterans Affairs as a Statistician focused on patient access to healthcare.

Moira has been at the University of Michigan since July 2004 and her work experience has been marked by increasing responsibilities in both operational scope and personnel management. She has successfully implemented novel research matrixed teams and processes on multiple occasions aligned with overarching strategic goals. Her current position within the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) continues her work to instantiate novel support of data science research and education across all of the University of Michigan’s nineteen schools and colleges including Dearborn and Flint.