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Artificial Intelligence, Bayesian Methods, Classification, Computational Tools for Data Science, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Deep Learning, Dynamical Models, High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Human-Computer Interaction, Image Data Processing and Analysis, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Optimization, Pattern Analysis and Classification, Predictive Modeling
Relevant Projects:

NIH, US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command, American Cancer Society (ACS), Ford

Lubomir Hadjiyski


Department of Radiology

Dr. Hadjiyski research interests include computer-aided diagnosis, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, predictive models, image processing and analysis, medical imaging, and control systems. His current research involves design of decision support systems for detection and diagnosis of cancer in different organs and quantitative analysis of integrated multimodality radiomics, histopathology and molecular biomarkers for treatment response monitoring using AI and machine learning techniques. He also studies the effect of the decision support systems on the physicians’ clinical performance.