John E Marcotte


Social Science
Computing, Databases and Data management, Security and Privacy, Statistics, Survey Methodology
Relevant Projects:

Data Sharing for Demographic Research; Advanced Computation Neuroscience Network; Secure multiparty computation (MPC)


Michigan Populaton Studies Center; Health Analytics Collaboratory

John E Marcotte

Archivist; Clinical Adjunct

Institute for Social Research, School of Nursing

Archivist, Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research, Institute for Social Research and Adjunct Clinical Instructor in Nursing, School of Nursing

John E. Marcotte, PhD is a statistician and data security expert. His research concerns data sharing, data security, data management, disclosure, health policy, nursing staffing and patient outcomes. He has over 25 years of experience implementing computing systems and performing quantitative analysis. During his career, Marcotte has served as a quantitative researcher, biostatistician, data archivist, data security officer and computing director. Among Marcotte’s statistical fortes are linear and logistic regression, survival analysis and sampling while his computing specialties include secure systems, high performance systems and numerical methods. He has collaborated with social and natural scientists as well as nurses and physicians. Marcotte regularly presents at professional conferences and contributes to invited panels on data security and disclosure. He has formal training in Demography, Statistics and Computer Science.

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