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Behavioral Science, Healthcare Research, Social Science
Data Mining, Databases and Data management, Statistics
Relevant Projects:

Trends in Poverty and Economic Disparity: Intersection between Race, Gender, and Mental Disability in the United States 1996- 2013

Using Big Data in Social Work Research: Intersectionality, Poverty, and Material Hardship in a Time of Growing Inequality


Council for Social Work Education (CSWE), National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Society for Social Work Research (SSWR)

Jessica K. Camp

Assistant Professor

Health and Health Services

Intermittent Lecturer in Social Work, School of Social Work

Jessica K. Camp, PhD, is Assistant Professor of social work in the Department of Health and Health Services at the University of Michigan, Dearborn.

Her research focuses on using large nationally representative data from the United States and internationally (SIPP, ACS, GSOEP) to explore trends in poverty and inequality. Specifically, I examine ways that marginalized and hyper-marginalized groups experience economic disparity and labor market exclusion. My most recent completed study showed how welfare reform can have a powerful impact on the well-being of working women, especially women with vulnerabilities. My area of expertise as a data analyst is in complex samples, regression, and longitudinal models. I am hoping my future work will inform ways that “Big Data” can be used in social work research.