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Behavioral Science, Environmental Sciences, Epidemiology, Psychology, Public Health, Social Sciences
Geographic Information Systems, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Predictive Modeling, Statistical Inference, Statistical Modeling, Statistics, Time Series Analysis
Relevant Projects:

System for Opioid Overdose Surveillance

Jason Goldstick

Research Associate Professor

Injury Prevention Center
Emergency Medicine

I am a statistician and my research focuses on applied public health work in a variety of fields specific to injury prevention, including substance use, violence, motor vehicle crash, and traumatic brain injury. Within those applications, I apply analytic methods for longitudinal data analysis, spatial and spatio-temporal data analysis, and predictive modeling (e.g., for clinical prediction of future injury risk applied to injuries like stroke, Benzodiazepine overdose, and firearm injury). I am also MPI of the System for Opioid Overdose Surveillance–a near-real-time system for monitoring fatal and nonfatal overdoses in Michigan; the system generates automated spatial and temporal summaries of recent overdose trends.