Jana Hirschtick
Healthcare Research, Social Science
Data Visualization, Databases and Data management, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Statistics, Survey Methodology
Relevant Projects:

Center for the Assessment of Tobacco Regulations (CAsToR)


Rogel Cancer Center (University of Michigan), Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation (University of Michigan), Society for Epidemiologic Research, American Public Health Association, Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco

Jana Hirschtick

Research Investigator


Assistant Research Scientist, Epidemiology, School of Public Health

I am a social epidemiologist with expertise in data collection, analysis, and translation. My research is focused on quantifying health inequities at the individual, community, and national level and examining how policy and social factors impact these inequities. My experience has spanned academic, clinical, and community settings, providing me with a unique perspective on the value and need for epidemiologic research and dissemination in multiple contexts. My current work focuses on the health equity impact of tobacco product use as part of the University of Michigan Tobacco Center of Regulatory Science, the Center for the Assessment of Tobacco Regulations (CAsToR). I am examining sociodemographic inequities in polytobacco use (the use of multiple tobacco products) across multiple nationally representative datasets. I am also an active member of CAsToR’s Data Analysis and Dissemination (DAD) Core. Additionally, I am collaborating with colleagues in Chicago to disseminate findings from a community-level probability survey of 10 Chicago communities, of which I served as Co-PI while working at a hospital system in Chicago. We continue to publish on the unique survey process, sharing our community-driven approach to conducting research and disseminating findings in partnership with surveyed communities.