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Behavioral Science, Children and Adolescents, Epidemiology, Mental Health, Population Sciences, Social Sciences, Survey Research
Bayesian Methods, Causal Inference, Data Collection Design, Geographic Information Systems, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis, Statistical Inference, Statistical Modeling, Statistics

Hongwei Xu

Research Assistant Professor

Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research

My substantive research interest is to understand the role of geography in shaping population health. Towards this end, my methodological and data science interests are twofold. First, I seek to develop and apply spatial statistical methods to model individual- and area-level health and diseases by using survey data and government statistics. Second, in light of the advance in GIS techniques and the increasingly accessible spatial data from various sources, I am exploring new approaches to integrate traditional geo-referenced survey data with non-traditional spatial data (e.g., remote sensing data, satellite data, Google search) to reduce measurement errors in demographic health research.