Bioinformatics, Computer Science, Computer Vision, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Medical Record Data, Genomics, Medical Imaging, Medical Informatics, Robotics, Sensors and Sensor Networks
Artificial Intelligence, Bayesian Methods, Computational Tools for Data Science, Digital Data Curation, Graph Theory and Graph-based Methods, High-Dimensional Data Analysis, Image Data Processing and Analysis, Information Theory, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Mathematics, Missing Data and Imputation, Optimization, Pattern Analysis and Classification, Real-time Data Processing, Signal Processing, Sparse Data Analysis, Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis, Statistical Inference, Statistics, Tensor Analysis, Time Series Analysis
Relevant Projects:

NSF, Department of Defense, Toyota Motor Company


member of SIAM, IEEE

Harm Derksen


Department of Mathematics

Current research includes a project funded by Toyota that uses Markov Models and Machine Learning to predict heart arrhythmia, an NSF-funded project to detect Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) from x-ray images and projects using tensor analysis on health care data (funded by the Department of Defense and National Science Foundation).