Gary Luker


Healthcare Research
Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Image Data
Relevant Projects:

NIH R01 grants Imaging Metastatic Potential, Quantitative Imaging Biomarkers for Myelofibrosis

Gary Luker



Professor of Radiology, Associate Chair of Radiology Clinical Research, Department of Radiology, Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, Medical School and Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Medical School and College of Engineering

We use a variety of quantitative imaging methods, ranging from single cells to clinical studies, to investigate cancer signaling and response to therapy over space and time. We develop image analysis methods to extract data from thousands of single cells over time and voxel-wise measurements of imaging parameters. We also use bulk and single-cell RNA sequencing to investigate heterogeneity among cancer cells and changes induced by intercellular interactions. A current goal of our ongoing work is to merge RNA sequencing and imaging data to understand cell decision making in cancer. We collaborate with investigators using machine learning and computational modeling approaches to inform cell signaling and resultant behaviors in tumor growth and metastasis.