David Williams


Behavioral Science, Healthcare Research, Social Science
Artificial Intelligence, Databases and Data management, Survey Methodology

David Williams



Professor of Anesthesiology. Professor of Internal Medicine and Professor of Psychiatry, Medical School and Professor of Psychology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

I have several areas of study that touch on the fields of Data Science.

First I am the UM PI of PCORnet a national network of over 80 institutions that support clinical research. PCORnet possesses a common data model allowing for the harmonization of the electronic health record across the network. The common data model is helpful in cohort discovery, development of computable phenotypes, the study of rare diseases, and applications of machine learning for identifying patterns in disease and health care services that can help to form better models of precision care.

My second area of interest is in the use of big data to support behavioral change. PainGuide is a digital pain self-management program developed at UM that offers a variety of evidence-based methods for improving and managing pain. User data can inform AI algorithms to refine content and recommendations for the participants so as to personalize care and improve outcomes.