Daniel P. Keating

(734) 660-2209

Behavioral Science, Healthcare Research, Social Science
Causal Inference, Data Integration, Databases and Data management

Daniel P. Keating



Professor of Psychology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Professor of Psychiatry, Medical School and Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research

The primary tools currently in use are variations of linear models (regression, MLM, SEM, and so on) as we pursue the initial aims of the NICHD funded work. We are expanding into new areas that require new tools. Our adolescent sample is diverse, selected through quota sampling of high schools close enough to UM to afford the use of neuroimaging tools, but it is not population representative. To overcome this, we have begun work to calibrate our sample with the nationally representative Monitoring the Future study, implementing pseudo-weighting and multilevel regression and post-stratification. To enable much more powerful analyses, we are aiming toward the harmonization of multiple, high quality longitudinal databases from adolescence through early adulthood. This would benefit traditional analyses by allowing cross-validation with high power, but also provide opportunities for newer data science tools such as computational modeling and machine learning approaches.