Dani Jones
Earth Science and Ecology, Environmental and Climate Research, Physical Science
Computing, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Optimization, Statistics

Dani Jones

Associate Research Scientist

School for Environment and Sustainability

Associate Research Scientist, Data Science and Modeling, School of Environment and Sustainability

Dani Jones’ research program drives CIGLR’s portfolio of research in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, as applied to physical limnology, weather forecasting, water cycle predictions, ecology, and observing system design. This research program aims is to advance societal adaptations to the effects of climate change, including flooding of coasts, rivers, and cities. Dani’s background is in physical oceanography, with specific expertise in adjoint modeling for comprehensive sensitivity analysis and unsupervised classification for data analysis, mostly applied to the North Atlantic and Southern Ocean. In Dani’s current role, they are establishing CIGLR’s new Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, leveraging the institute’s extensive observing assets, datasets, modeling capacity, interdisciplinary expertise, and numerous regional and international partnerships.