Civic Infrastructure, Policy Research, Population Sciences, Sensors and Sensor Networks, Social Sciences, Transportation Research, Urban Planning
Data Collection Design, Data Visualization, Geographic Information Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning, Spatio-Temporal Data Analysis

Anthony Vanky

Assistant Professor of Urban and Regional Planning

Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning

Anthony Vanky develops and applies data science and computational methods to design, plan, evaluate cities, emphasizing their applications to urban planning and design. Broadly, his work focuses on the domains of transportation and human mobility; social behaviors and urban space; policy evaluation; quantitative social sciences; and the evaluation of urban form. Through this work, he has extensively collaborated with public and private partners. In addition, he considers creative approaches toward data visualization, public engagement and advocacy, and research methods.


Anthony Vanky’s Cityways project analyzed 2.2 million trips from 135,000 people over one year to understand the factors that influence outdoor pedestrian path choice. Factors considered included weather, urban morphology, businesses, topography, traffic, the presence of green spaces, among others.


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