Complex Systems, Engineering, Environmental and Climate Research, Physical Science
Machine Learning, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Optimization
Relevant Projects:

DOE, ARPA-E, NSF, EPA, ARL, SWRI, TARDEC, Ford, Toyota, Daimler, GE, Eaton, PARC, UTRC, Samsung.


Local: EV Ordinance Working group (reports to Ann Arbor energy commission), National: Member of the NASEM Committee on Light Duty Fuel Efficiency Standards, International: IEEE-CSS, ASME-DSCD, SAE

Anna G. Stefanopoulou


Mechanical Engineering

Energy Transportation related topics: data and simulations of various cleaner and ultimately cost-effective options for transit. exploring techno-economic and environmental issues in electric ride-sharing/hailing vehicles to create clean and convenient alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles. investigation of the location and integration of chargers with energy storage and bi-directional services, along with the connection to distributed renewable power generation such as solar arrays as well as the centralized electric grid.

Powertrain related topics: measurements, models and management of batteries, fuel cells, and engines in automotive and stationary applications.