Complex Systems, Engineering, Environmental and Climate Research, Physical Science
Machine Learning, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Optimization
Relevant Projects:

DOE, ARPA-E, NSF, EPA, ARL, SWRI, TARDEC, Ford, Toyota, Daimler, GE, Eaton, PARC, UTRC, Samsung.


Local: EV Ordinance Working group (reports to Ann Arbor energy commission), National: Member of the NASEM Committee on Light Duty Fuel Efficiency Standards, International: IEEE-CSS, ASME-DSCD, SAE

Anna G. Stefanopoulou


Mechanical Engineering

William Clay Ford Professor of Technology, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of Engineering

Energy Transportation related topics: data and simulations of various cleaner and ultimately cost-effective options for transit. exploring techno-economic and environmental issues in electric ride-sharing/hailing vehicles to create clean and convenient alternatives to single-occupancy vehicles. investigation of the location and integration of chargers with energy storage and bi-directional services, along with the connection to distributed renewable power generation such as solar arrays as well as the centralized electric grid.

Powertrain related topics: measurements, models and management of batteries, fuel cells, and engines in automotive and stationary applications.