Computer Science, Economics, Finance and Business, Social Science
Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing
Relevant Projects:

Deployment of the UM-MAIZEY GenAI learning platform: We partnered with ITS to develop and deploy the Maizey platform, the first large-scale GenAI-powered learning platform for higher education.

Large language models (LLM) and supply chain risks: I have developed several models that analyze company disclosures and news media in real time to extract investable signals on supply chain risks.

Andrew Wu

Assistant Professor of Technology and Operations

Ross School of Business

My research focuses on the interface of technology, finance and operations management. I develop and apply new approaches in natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics to study emerging and classic OM problems including (1) new marketplaces in both Fintech and Edtech, (2) supply chain risks, and (3) societal impact of OM/financial decisions.