Extramural Funding to MIDAS funded research teams or to MIDAS core team members on data science infrastructure

PI  Funder Proposal Title
Adrieans NSF Engineering Research Center for Infrastructure Finance through Intelligent Design and Operations (InFinIDO)
Athey Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Integrating Single Cell Profiles across Modalities Using Manifold Alignment 
Athey/Jagadish NSF BD Hubs: Midwest: “SEEDCorn: Sustainable Enabling Environment for Data Collaboration”
Bao Honda  The Research on Distracted Driver Detection
Bao Toyota  TRI-Developing Bicycle-Related Corner Case Scenarios and a Bicyclist Model for Testing Self-Driving Cars Using Naturalistic Driving Data and Crash Data
Brooks Spencer Foundation Measuring the Bias in Predictive Models of Student Success
Cafarella NSF Raise: C-Accel Pilot – Track A1 (Open Knowledge Network): Simultaneous Knowledge Network Programming and Extraction
Camper NIH Hypopituitarism: Role of PROP1 and Retinoic Acid Signaling in Regulation of Pituitary Stem Cell Differentiation
Chen NSF Supplement for Collaborative Research: Tuning Piezoelectricity of Bi-continuous Piezocomposites via Additive Manufacturing
Colacino NIH Developmental exposures, stem cell reprogramming, and breast cancer disparities
Courant Andrew Mellon Foundation College and Beyond II: Outcomes of a Liberal Arts Education
Crawford NIH Metaplastic Tuft Cells in Pancreatic Cancer
Dang NIH The Role of STRADA in Epileptogenesis and Brain Malformations    
Davis-Kean NSF The Future of Quantitative Research in Social Science
Deng DARPA Multimodal Semantic Mapping of Human Activities through Deep Graph Generation and Reasoning
Dinov NSF Midwest Workshop on Big Neuroscience Data, Tools, Protocols & Services
Figueroa American Heart Association A Cloud-computing Machine Learning and Computational Fluid Dynamics Framework for Assessment of Coronary Disease
Flannagan DOT Data Mining for Text-Based Quality Control
Flannagan Federal Highway Administration Automated Video Processing Algorithms to Detect and Classify High-Level Behaviors with Speed and Accuracy
Friedman NIH Knowledge Grid (K-Grid) and Michigan Optimization Program (M-TOP)
Ghanbari NIH Novel Techniques for Evaluating and Assessing Symptoms, Affect. Heart Rhythm and Functional Status in Patients with Atrial Fibrillation: miAfib Project
Gilbert Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Identifying Genetic Markers: Feature Selection for Sparse Data
Gilbert Silicon Valley CF Identifying Genetic Markers: Dimension Reduction and Feature Selection for Sparse Data
Gonzalez NSF BD Spokes: SPOKE: MIDWEST: Collaborative: Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network (ACNN)
Gonzalez NSF BD Spokes: SPOKE: MIDWEST: Collaborative: Advanced Computational Neuroscience Network (ACNN) Additional Funds
Hammoud Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Human Cell Atlas of the Female Reproductive System
Hammoud NIH Comprehensive mapping of mouse testis cell types and spermatogenic stages by single-cell RNA sequencing (R21)
Hammoud Open Philanthropy Project Towards the Future of Fertility: Defining Building Blocks and Establishing New Methods for in vitro Gametogenesis
Hampshire NSF RAISE: C-Accel Pilot – Track A1 (Open Knowledge Network): Network for Equity in the Era of Driverless Vehicles
Hampshire NSF COVID 19 – RAPID: COVID-19:  Accelerating Transportation Equity and Food Security for Vulnerable Families
Jagadish NSF Framework for Integrative Data Equity Systems
Jin Ford Big Data Analytics for Smart Maintenance Decision Support Systems
Kabo Institute of Museum and Library Services The Impact of the Academic Library on Learning in the University
Karabenick NSF iEvolve with STEM: Inquiry and Engagement to Invigorate and Optimize Learning for Everyone
Levina NSF RTG: Understanding dynamic big data with complex structure
Lok NIH Novel Strategies to Improve Liver Cancer Surveillance Uptake and Early Detection
Lynch NSF SCC: Data-Informed Scenario Planning for Mobility Decision Making in Resource Constrained Communities
Malek NIH Advancing biological and clinical applications of genomic Minimal Residual Disease detection in AML
Mars Ford ADASA II – Multimodal digital AI assistant for ADAS
Mars Hitachi Automotive Systems Implementing Deep Neural Networks on High-resolution Multi-camera Systems for Autonomous Driving
Mathis NIH Early Diagnosis of Heart Failure: A Perioperative Data-Driven Approach
McKay NSF Addressing Ubiquitous STEM Gender Performance Differences
McKay Sloan Foundation SEISMIC
Mihalcea Templeton Foundation Tracking and Understanding the Effects of Transformative Events in People’s Lives
Mihalcea NSF Demographic-aware Lexical Semantics
Misra Michigan State Police Department Bicyclist/Pedestrian Level of Comfort Metric and Visualization Tool for Road Segments
Murphey Toyota Research Insititute Developing a personalized Guardian system to assist aging drivers through machine learning, sensor fusion and data mining
Murphey ZF-TRW Pedestrian detection 360 Surround View and driver facial fatigue detection
Murphey ZF-TRW Developing robust pedestrian detection and tracking algorithms with a 360-degree view camera system
Nallamothu and Abir NIH Enhancing Pre-Hospital Outcomes for Cardiac Arrest (EPOC) 
Nallamothu American Heart Association AngioAid: A Fully Automated Computer-Based Platform for Interpreting Coronary Angiograms
Nallamothu CMS / MDHHS The Knowledge-to-Treatment Optimization Program (KTOP)
Provost Toyota Research Multimodal Sensing of Human Behavior
Sartor NIH Downstream effects of HPV integration on survival/metastasis in oropharyngeal cancer
Scott Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Joint Analysis of Single Cell and Bulk RNA Data via Matrix Factorization
Scott NSF Learning from Multiple Biased Sources
Scott NSF Random and Adaptive Projections for Scalable Optimization and Learning
Sen American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Mobile Technology to Reduce Suicide Risk in Physicians
Sen MindStrong Health Identifying Digital Cognitive Predictors of Depression under Stress
Sen NIH Broad Scale Genomic Analysis to Find Genes Associated with Depression Under Stress
Sen NIH Mobile Technology to Identify Behavioral Mechanisms Linking Genetic Variation and Depression
Shih NSF
RAPID: Changes in risk perceptions and COVID-19
Shikanov NIH A microphysiological engineered 3D system to the rescue of ovarian follicles
Sussman Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Detecting Suspicious Behavior Among Retail Pharmacies in Michigan: A Machine Learning Approach
Van Hentenryck Department of Energy Clean Energy Research Center with Argonne National Lab
Van Hentenryck Ford Motor Co Reinventing Urban Transportation and Mobility
Van Hentenryck Johns Hopkins University Modeling and Estimation in Urban Transportation Networks
Waljee Department of Veterans Affairs Health Services Research & Development Effectiveness, Safety, and Patient Preferences of Infliximab Biosimilar Medications for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Wiens and Sjoding NIH Leveraging Clinical Time-Series Data to Learn Optimal Treatment of Patients with Acute Dyspnea
Wrobel NIH DFU Clinical Research Unit 
Zelner CDC Data driven transmission models to optimize influenza vaccination and pandemic mitigation strategies – COVID-19 Supplement
Zhou Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Computational Tools for Integrating Single Cell RNA Sequencing Studies with Genome-wide Association Studies
Zhou NIH Collaborative Research: Advanced statistical methods for single cell RNA sequencing studies