Happening at MIDAS

The Michigan Institute for Data Science strengthens University of Michigan’s preeminence in Data Science and catalyzes the transformative use of Data Science in a wide range of disciplines to achieve lasting societal impact. Here’s what’s happening at MIDAS in the near future:

Upcoming Events:

The State of the Art in Automated and Semi-Automated Video Coding Workshop

MIDAS Annual Data Science Symposium: The State of the Art in Automated and Semi-Automated Video Coding Workshop, Nov 10, 2:45-4:15, Please register for the annual symposium as well as this workshop or one of the five others offered.

Video is being acquired at an alarming rate across domains, including social research, healthcare, entertainment, sporting and more. The ability to code this video—attribute certain properties, labels, and other annotations—in support of analytical domain-relevant questions is critical; otherwise, human coding is required. Human coding, however, is laborious, expensive, not repeatable, and, worse, often error prone. Video coding, an area within artificial intelligence and computer vision, seeks automated and semi-automated methods to support more effective and robust video coding. This workshop will review the state of the art in video coding from a capabilities, limitations and tooling perspective and present real-world use-cases.

Lead Presenter: Jason Corso, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Michigan
Maggie Levenstein, Director and Research Professor, ICPSR and School of Information, University of Michigan
Susan Jekielek, Assistant Research Scientist, ICPSR, University of Michigan
Donald Likosky, Professor, Department of Cardiac Surgery, University of Michigan