The University of Michigan provides a wide variety of opportunities for students of all levels, including courses in a number of different departments, several degree and certificate program, student clubs, and training workshops.

Courses, Degrees, and Certificates

Undergraduate Degree in Data Science
This degree is offered jointly through the College of Literature, Science and the Arts and the College of Engineering. It is a rigorous program that will provide students with a foundation in those aspects of computer science, statistics, and mathematics that are relevant for analyzing and manipulating large complex datasets.
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Graduate Data Science Certificate Program
This program is offered at the Ann Arbor campus for all currently enrolled U-M graduate students (all three campuses). The program is offered through MIDAS. The certificate program is based on 9 credits of graduate data science courses and 3 credits of experiential training that require a signature of a mentor for completing 3-credit equivalent practicum, or a written report on data analytics. This program is designed to provide graduates with an understanding of the core Data Science principles, assumptions, applications, data management, computation, information extraction, analytics, hands-on experience with modeling tools, and technology using real datasets.
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Data Science MOOCs
MIDAS offers a number of online courses that cover specific topics and provide their own certificates of completion (for each individual MOOC). For instance, the Data Science and Predictive Analytics MOOC is offered annually and provides a general overview of the principles, concepts, techniques, tools and services for managing, harmonizing, aggregating, preprocessing, modeling, analyzing and interpreting large, multi-source, incomplete, incongruent, and heterogeneous data (Big Data).
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Masters in Data Science (Ann Arbor campus)
Offered through  the College of Engineering (EECS), the College of Literature Science and the Arts (Statistics), the School of Public Health (Biostatistics), the School of Information, and the Michigan Institute for Data Science, this program provides core data science training focused on computer and information sciences, statistical sciences, and applications to address problems in specific domains.
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Masters in Data Science (Dearborn campus)
Offered through the College of Engineering & Computer Science, this program is intended to build knowledge and professional skills in various Data Science areas that are highly demanded in the current job market. Four concentrations are: computational intelligence, applications, business analytics, big data informatics.
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Masters in Applied Data Science Online
This online master’s program will be offered through the School of Information and Coursera.
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Extension Certificate in Data Science
This is a distance learning online program (currently being developed) for trainees that are not University of Michigan graduate students. This certificate program is under development; more information will be posted here when available.

Other Courses
A number of departments provide courses in various aspects of data science.
For a partial listing, see the approved courses page for the Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Workshops, Student Clubs, and Careers

The Michigan Data Science Team (MDST)
The MDST is a student-led group that participates in data science competitions and works with public and private partners (such as the cities of Flint, Detroit and Ann Arbor, and Quicken Loans) on practical, data-driven problem solving.
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Statistics in the Community (STATCOM)
STATCOM is a community outreach program provided by graduate students in the Departments of Biostatistics, Statistics, and the Program for Survey Methodology at University of Michigan. The program offers the expertise of statistics graduate students, free of charge, to non-profit governmental and community organizations in the areas of data organization, analysis, and interpretation.
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Michigan Student Artificial Intelligence Lab (MSAIL)
MSAIL is a student organization for discussion of artificial intelligence and machine learning. MSAIL is a community in which motivated students can read and discuss modern machine learning literature together. We welcome students of all backgrounds and ability.
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Computational Social Science Rackham Interdisciplinary Workshop
This group brings together a multidisciplinary community to study the merging field of Computational Social Science, combining an examination of techniques and published research with constructive discussions of student research. The group aims to build a constructive environment where students and faculty can learn about this new field and talk through potential limitations and unresolved issues.
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In cooperation with MIDAS, Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides training on all aspects of data science practice and methodology. Please see the CSCAR Workshop Schedule for more information.

Looking for career advancement, including internships and research opportunities? See the Data Science Careers page.