DATA Spring 2024 Industry Advisory Board Meeting

(May 16-17, 2024)

Call for Emerging Talent Research Posters & Lightning Presentations


The Center for Data-Driven Drug Development and Treatment Assessment (DATA), an NSF-backed Industry-University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC) and a unit of the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS), is inviting University of Michigan students, postdocs, and other researchers in training to submit their research projects to showcase during the Center’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) meeting on May 16-17, 2024, in Ann Arbor, MI, NCRC, Building 10. We are interested in projects that apply computational methods, data science solutions, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to solve problems in health care, pharmacy, chemistry, and biomedical engineering, in particular in the areas of drug design, drug repositioning, and treatment assessment. Opportunities to present include a poster session (in-person) and lightning talks (in-person and virtual).

The meeting will host a number of companies from the pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT, and AI startup industries as well as representatives of governmental agencies, offering the presenters ample opportunities to network and discuss their career plans with potential employers. Selected participants will be expected to attend the IAB meeting in its entirety, which will also include a career panel, research panels focused on the use of AI in drug design and treatment optimization, and faculty presentations competing for DATA funding. Meals and refreshments will be provided throughout the meeting.

University of Michigan students of all levels (undergraduate, master’s, doctorate) and postdocs and other researchers in training (e.g., house officers) are eligible to participate. Please use this form to apply by April 30, 2024.

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About Data:

Established in 2022, the Center for Data-Driven Drug Development and Treatment Assessment (DATA) is part of the Industry-University Cooperative Research Centers (IUCRC) Program of the National Science Foundation and a unit of the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) at the University of Michigan. DATA advances U.S. competitiveness by working with industry to solve current, emerging, and industry-relevant challenges in drug design, drug repositioning and repurposing, treatment monitoring, assessment and optimization, patient phenotyping, and quantitative pharmacovigilance using novel computational and data science techniques such as metrology, machine learning (ML), and/or artificial intelligence (AI), including generative AI, and by training the next generation of talent in this field. DATA seeks to produce new methodologies and infrastructure for industry-wide collaborative drug discovery and treatment assessment, with the goal of significantly accelerating the pace of drug development to help target the right drug to the right person at the right safe and effective dose while reducing R&D costs.

The advent of generative AI has created an urgent need for stakeholders in all stages of the drug life cycle to come together, share experiences with this revolutionary technology, and jointly address its implications for health care. Thanks to its cross-industrial and cross-disciplinary nature designed to bring together data scientists, mathematicians, biomedical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare providers and payers, and government agencies, DATA is ideally positioned to catalyze these conversations, identify best practices, and develop solutions to the challenges generative AI brings to the health care sector.