Data integration is an essential component of data science research in almost all research areas that use heterogeneous data varying in format, dimensionality, quality and granularity.  The examples are endless: multi-omics data integration is increasingly critical in biological research; clinical research benefits greatly from the integration of patient longitudinal data, lab data, sensor data and other types of diagnosis and self-report; environmental monitoring often needs the integration of statistical data, image data and geospatial data; social science research, including education, political science and economics, increasingly integrates social media and other web-based data with traditional survey data…

All the applications encounter similar data science challenges, including idiosyncratic integration methods, missing data, bias and coverage, consistency and quality control issues. The Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) research working group on data integration welcomes researchers with interest in data integration methodology and its application in any scientific domain.  We hope to create an interdisciplinary forum that will foster new ideas and collaborations.

Data Integration research mailing list

Last, First Name Position and Department Email address
Adorf, Carl Simon PhD Candidate and GSRA, Chemical Engineering,
Ansari, Sahar Postdoc, Human Genetics
Asudeh, Abolfazl Research Fellow, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Athey, Brian Professor, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics
Azizi, Ebrahim Research Faculty, Internal Medicine
Bao, Shuming Director, China Data Center
Chen, Yang Assistant Professor, Statistics
Dinov, Ivo Professor, HBBS/DCMB
El Naqa, Issam Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology
Elliott, Michael Professor, Biostatistics/Survey Research
Estill, Jamie Business Systems Analyst Lead, HITS Research Integration
Fei, Zhenyu Biomedical Engineering
Fries, Kevin PhD Student – Infrastructure Systems (Civil Engineering)
Goldsmith, Bryan Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Handelman, Samuel Research Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine
Hector, Emily Student, Biostatistics
Hedstrom, Margaret Professor, School of Information
Hero, Al Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Jagadish, H Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Jin, Zhongjun GSRA, Computer Science and Engineering
Lee, Pilhwa Research Investigator, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Levina, Liza Professor, Statistics
Luo, Lan PhD student, Biostatistics
Marini, Simone Research Investigator, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics, Human Genetics
Mayes, Heather Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
Mayo, Charles Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology
Mozafari, Barza Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Murphey, Yi Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Park, J Data Scientist, CCC
Sanchez, Brisa Associate Professor, Biostatistics
She, Bing Postdoc, China Data Center
Song, Peter Professor, Biostatistics
Song, Jie PhD Candidate, Computer Science and Engineering
Sukaew, Thitiporn Postdoc, School of Nursing
Sun, Yuekai Assistant Professor, Statistics
Suzer-Gurtekin, Tuba Assistant Research Scientist, Institute for Social Research
Taylor, Jeremy Professor, Biostatistics
Verma, Manish Geospatial Consultant, CSCAR
Wu, Zhenke Assistant Professor, Biostatistics
Zhou, Ling Postdoc, Biostatistics
Zou, Shasha Associate Professor, Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering