The University of Michigan provides a wide variety of opportunities for students of all levels, including courses in a number of different departments, several degree and certificate program, student clubs, and training workshops.

Courses and Workshops

Big Data Summer Institute
June 17 – July 26, 2019
The FINAL application deadline is March 1
The Big Data Summer Institute is a six-week interdisciplinary training and research program in biostatistics that introduces undergraduate students to the intersection of big data and human health — a rapidly growing field that uses quantitative analysis to help solve scientific problems and improve people’s lives. Drawing from the expertise and experience of outstanding faculty of several departments at the University of Michigan — biostatisticsstatistics, and electrical engineering and computer science — the institute exposes undergraduate students to diverse experiences and techniques that distinguishes it from any other undergraduate summer program in biostatistics in the country.

Data Science Workshops and Consultation
In cooperation with MIDAS, Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides training on all aspects of data science practice and methodology. Please see the CSCAR Workshop Schedule for more information.

Data Science MOOCs
MIDAS offers a number of online courses that cover specific topics and provide their own certificates of completion (for each individual MOOC). For instance, the Data Science and Predictive Analytics MOOC is offered annually and provides a general overview of the principles, concepts, techniques, tools and services for managing, harmonizing, aggregating, preprocessing, modeling, analyzing and interpreting large, multi-source, incomplete, incongruent, and heterogeneous data (Big Data).
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Other Courses
A number of departments provide courses in various aspects of data science.
For a partial listing, see the approved courses page for the Graduate Certificate in Data Science