Graduate Data Science Certificate Program

Graduation Checklist

To obtain your Graduate Data Science Certificate, upon completion of the academic requirements, follow this graduation checklist:

  1. Apply for graduation via Wolverine Access. Click on the Student Business link within the Students tab on Wolverine Access. You can access the Apply for Graduation page through both the Student Center and Degree Progress/Graduation tabs.
  2. Complete the Rackham Dual/Joint Degree Election Form. This is to verify that you fulfilled Data Science Requirement 1 listed on the Academic Requirements page.
    • Master degree courses go in the left column while Data Science Certificate courses counted towards Requirement 1 go in the right column.
    • ONLY courses counted towards the Data Science Requirement 1 should appear on this form
    • In other words, if you complete an additional course for Data Science Requirement 2 (related Data Science Experience), DO NOT list it on this form.
    • You can only double-count a maximum of 3 credit hours, that is, the left and right columns can maximally have 3 credit hours in common.
    • Get a signature from your home department.
  3. Complete the Related Data Science Experience Verification Form (DOCX download or PDF download). This is to verify you fulfilled Data Science Requirement 2.
    • Complete the top portion
    • Get a signature of your academic/research advisor at the bottom of the form.
  4. Electronically submit the complete Rackham Dual/Joint Degree Election and Related Data Science Experience Verification Forms to, and Ivo Dinov,
  5. All paperwork with signatures are due by the last day of classes of the semester you plan to graduate.  Failure to submit all required documents will result in you not being able to graduate with the certificate that semester.