This page lists job, fellowships, internships, and educational and research opportunities in data science. If you would like to list an item on this page, please fill out this form.

Featured Jobs

Data Project Assistant
Ann Arbor, MI

Reseach Area Specialist Intern
Population Studies Center (PSC) 
Ann Arbor, MI

Data Scientist
Basis Set Ventures
Silicon Valley, CA

Quantitative Analysis Intern
Los Angeles Angels
Anaheim, CA

Data Scientist – Computer Vision
Fortress IQ
San Francisco, CA

Data Scientist – Generalist
Fortress IQ
San Francisco, CA

Senior Data Scientist
Armonk, NY 

Senior Data Scientist Intern
Armonk, NY 

Data Science Fellowship
Data Incubator 
New York City, NY | San Francisco, CA | Boston, MA | Washington, DC.         

Data Science Practicum Opportunities

Deconvolving the Noisy Universe: a machine learning approach to analyze astronomical images
4 month project for  students; mentor is Arya Farahi, PhD Student; the team will use a machine learning approach to analyze astronomical images; affiliation is the U-M, Department of Physics.

Machine Learning Models for an Automated Data Science Pipeline
Professors Laura Balzano and Jason Corso are offering this practicum opportunity. This is an effort to develop machine learning modules that can be incorporated into a data science pipeline supported by DARPA. There are 10 data science problems including tabular, text, audio, and image data. All programming will be done in Python. Please contact Laura( or Jason( if you are interested.

Michigan Sports Analytics Society
The Michigan Sports Analytics Society exists to develop a platform for students to collaborate, gain experience, and publish high-level work in the field of Sports Analytics. This is an opportunity for research experience and mentoring that could be counted as Data Science Practicum. Read more on our goals for Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.

Continuing Training and Education

Red Oak Strategic
Data Science Summer/Fall Internship

Washington University
Postdoctoral Researcher or Staff Scientist

Georgia Institute of Technology
Postdoctoral Associate(s)

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

ETH Zurich
Student Summer Research Fellowship

Insight Data Science Fellowship
Insight awards four distinct Fellowships
Data Science, Health Data Science, Data Engineering, and Artificial Intelligence

Data Science Community
Ongoing Data Science Bootcamps