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Faculty Member Project Summary Responsibilities Required Experience Compensation Contact Date Posted
Murali Mani (Professor of Computer Science, University of Michigan, Flint) Seeking students for 2 main projects:

(1) Secure query processing that I discussed as part of MIDAS faculty pitch. For this, I am looking for students with a background in cryptography and/or database systems/algorithms

(2) Data set search where we are investigating what datasets could be investigated further to answer a user question. For this, I am looking for students interested in database systems/algorithms/IR.

Both projects will require literature analysis. Students will also involve algorithm development, prototype building, evaluation and analysis. Having completed an undergraduate course in data structures and algorithms are required. Additional course work in database systems or IR (for the dataset search project) or cryptography (for the secure query processing project) would be helpful. Students may register for independent research credit 10/1/2020
Ivo Dinov (Professor, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics, University of Michigan) Please see the SOCR Lab projects (computing, data science, health analytics, mathematical physics, bioinformatics, statistical inference):
Students will develop math models, build computational tools & apps, fit stat inference models, analyze data, design AI/ML forecasting and prediction models. Extremely strong motivation/self-drive, ability to work in a trans-disciplinary team, deep scientific background Students may register for independent research credit 10/1/2020