Call for Nominations: Future Leaders Summit 2022

The Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) invites nominations to the annual Future Leaders Summit (previously known as the Data Science Consortium). The goal is to help the young scholars grow as future research leaders in data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and help them form a community.

Time and Location: The Summit will be held on April 6-7, 2022 on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus. (We will carefully watch the public health situation and guidelines. If at that time travel is highly discouraged, we will decide to cancel the event.)

Theme: “Responsible data science and AI”
Data science and AI are having a significant impact on society in uncountable ways, leading to huge benefits in many cases. Yet, increasingly complex analytical pipelines working with poorly understood heterogeneous data sets can give rise to harms in many ways. Furthermore, there could be deleterious systemic effects such as the magnification of disinformation or surveillance capitalism. There has been tremendous recent interest in understanding and managing these concerns. We invite nominations for young scholars whose research is related to topics in this broad area, including, but not limited to:

  • Equity and fairness, particularly in automated decision making
  • Explainability of analytical results
  • Reproducibility and replication of scientific results
  • Systemic issues, particularly those impacting marginalized populations

The summit will offer the following activities:  

  • Research talks by the attendees and by leading researchers
  • Career mentoring sessions by University of Michigan faculty members, department chairs, and industry representatives
  • Networking sessions with other attendees, University of Michigan faculty and trainees, and industry representatives

Who should be nominated:

  • Doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows at any U.S. university whose research falls within this year’s theme
  • They should be ready to apply for jobs (either academic or non-academic, postdoctoral positions included) in 2022 or 2023
  • Exceptional students in a Master’s Program will be considered if they are from a university that does not offer PhD programs in a data science or AI related field

Diversity and inclusion: We are particularly interested in developing a diverse group of scholars, considering diversity in all respects, including race, gender, national origin, and socioeconomic background. In the past, more than half of the attendees have been women and underrepresented minorities, and we strongly encourage the nomination of trainees from underrepresented groups.

The nomination process: 

  • Nominations from department chairs, institute directors and other university leaders may be uploaded through this online form
  • The nomination package should be one .pdf file including the following:
    • The CV of the nominee.
    • A one-page statement from the nominee that describes their current research project (s), long-term research interest and what they want to gain from attending this Summit
    • A letter of support from the nominator delineating the strengths and experiences of the nominee and why this Summit will benefit them

Limits and cost:

  • Each nominator may submit up to two nominations; there is no limit on the number of nominators from each university.
  • Only one nominee from each university may be accepted to the Summit and attend at no cost (MIDAS will cover the cost of travel, lodging and food)
  • If space allows, we may accept a second nominee from a university but will not be able to cover the cost

Faculty Mentors:
More to be confirmed in the future

Frauke Kreuter

Professor of Survey Methodology, Director of Social Data Science Center

University of Maryland

H. V. Jagadish

Professor of Computer Science and Engineering, MIDAS Director

University of Michigan

David Mongeau


UTSA School of Data Science

Michael Wellman

Professor and Chair of Computer Science and Engineering

University of Michigan

Nominate a Future Leader

Nominations: January 21, 2022
Notification of decisions: by February 11, 2022

Have questions? Please contact