Jing Liu

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Dr. Jing Liu, Managing Director of the Michigan Institute for Data Science at the University of Michigan, and Dr. Sarah Stone, Executive Director of the eScience Institute at the University of Washington, join Innovators to discuss the Burgeoning and Expanding Field of Data Science.

Director’s Blog Post 1

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MIDAS Challenge Award lead Dr. Stephanie Teasley and collaborator Dr. Kelly discuss learning analytics, higher education and employment

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Based on an NSF-funded workshop, Drs. Teasley (School of Information) and Kelly discuss learning analytics goals and research priorities for the coming decade.  They report on a research agenda that would strengthen the connection between learning analytics and recognition of learner competencies. This could have a transformative impact on the relationship between higher education and employment.  The agenda will also generate significant new research questions leading to insights about learning and the data science techniques for analyzing learning.

Read more: https://repository.isls.org/bitstream/1/6848/1/Teasley%20et%20al%20RCR%20Oct2020.pdf

A MIDAS Challenge Award team, led by Stuart Soroka (Communication and Media & Political Science), works with CNN on a Sentiment Analysis about the 2020 election candidates

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A MIDAS Challenge Award team, led by Stuart Soroka, professor of Communication and Media & Political Science, works with CNN on a Sentiment Analysis of recalled news about the candidates for the U.S. 2020 election. The analysis shows Net Sentiment for all respondents, then each of the Democratic, Independent and Republican respondents.