This page provides material from the meeting of the BD Spoke Workgroup, April 24, 2017. Please email for more information.

Attendees and interested researchers

Name Title and Department Email address Intended response areas
Christopher Brooks Research Assistant Professor, School of Information Education; Replicability and Reproducibility in Data Science
Walter Mebane Professor, Political Science/Statistics Data Intensive Research in the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences
Paul Zimmerman Assistant Professor, Chemistry machine learning for catalyst design
Kristine Witkowski Assistant Research Scientist, ISR Data Confidentiality
Josh pasek Assistant Professor, Communication Studies Social Science
Mosharaf Chowdhury Assistant Professor, CSE
Tom Murphy Director of Computing and Network Services, ISR-ICPSR
Yi Murphey Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dearborn
Michael Traugott Professor Emeritus, Communication Studies social sciences
Chuck Mayo Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology
Kira Barton Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering big data in smart manufacturing
Jill Becker Professor, Psychology social science, neuroscience, big data
Felipe Lopez Postdoc, Mechanical Engineering big data in industrial
Jun Zhang Professor, Psychology Big Data analysis (math)
Elizabeth Bruch Associate Professor, Sociology
Daniel Romero Assistant Professor, School of Information
Zefan fu master student, EECS
Fred Conrad Director and Research Professor, Survey Methodology Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences
Youngho Park Lecturer, Kinesiology
Pam Davis-Kean Professor, Psychology
Luis Ortiz Assistant Professor, Computer and Information Science, UM-Dearborn Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences; Data Analytics for Security.
Saravanan Scientist
Louis Yen Associate Director, Confucius Institute Establish an individualized de-identified longitudinal integrated health database for health service research over time
Michael Kallitsis Research Scientist, Merit Network, Inc., Cybersecurity, data privacy, streaming data
Dan Brown Professor, School of Natural Resources and Environment social sciences

MIDAS Presentation

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