Raed Al Kontar

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My research broadly focuses on developing data analytics and decision-making methodologies specifically tailored for Internet of Things (IoT) enabled smart and connected products/systems. I envision that most (if not all) engineering systems will eventually become connected systems in the future. Therefore, my key focus is on developing next-generation data analytics, machine learning, individualized informatics and graphical and network modeling tools to truly realize the competitive advantages that are promised by smart and connected products/systems.


Atul Prakash

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My research interests include security, privacy, and adversarial machine learning.
More information about some of the current projects can be found at https://iotsecurity.engin.umich.edu.

9.9.2020 MIDAS Faculty Research Pitch Video.

An adversarial testing pipeline to fool machine learning classifiers. A STOP sign is being modified using stickers so that a state-of-the-art classifier is fooled into thinking it is a 45 SPEED LIMIT sign. For more details, visit https://iotsecurity.engin.umich.edu (Robust Physical Perturbations tab)