Affiliated Faculty

MIDAS works to foster interdisciplinary research collaboration across campus with our community of 550 affiliate faculty members, who come from over 60 U-M departments, and include instructional (tenure / tenure track / lecturer), clinical and research track faculty.

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Nicholas Douville

Acute Respiratory Distress Sydnrome (ARDS), Bioinformatics, Clinical Outcomes Research, Critical Care Medicine, Perioperative Genomics, Transplant Anesthesia, precision medicine
Anne Draelos

Anne Draelos

Real-time machine learning for adaptive neuroscience applications
Mark Draelos

Mark Draelos

biomedical imaging, data visualization, medical robotics, real-time algorithms
Karthik Duraisamy

Karthik Duraisamy

Data-driven modeling of computational physics problems
Allison Earl

Allison Earl

Social and Quantitative Psychology
Ron Eglash

Ron Eglash

Computation for generative justice

Joseph Eisenberg

Infectious disease epidemiology and environmental determinants
Marisa Eisenberg

Marisa Eisenberg

Mathematical modeling of disease mechanisms, and intervention design, forecasting

Issam El Naqa

Oncology bioinformatics, and treatment outcome modeling, multimodality image analysis

Michael Elliott

design and analysis of sample surveys and statistical inference

Bogdan I. Epureanu

complex systems, data-driven, nonlinear dynamics

Barbara Jane Ericson

Data mining to improve computing education

Birhanu Eshete

Cybercrime analysis, adversarial machine learning, cyber threat intelligence

August (Gus) Evrard

Computational cosmology

Tayo Fabusuyi

sustainability and equity in urban systems and operations design
Xudong (Sherman) Fan

Xudong (Sherman) Fan

Breath analysis, cancer, respiratory diseases, tissue imaging