Around 280 U-M faculty members from over 60 departments are affiliated with MIDAS.

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Jaerock Kwon

Artificial Intelligence, autonomous vehicles, machine learning, neural network, robotics

Jeffrey C. Lagarias

Number theory, dynamical systems, optimization

Carl Lagoze

Interoperability in information systems

Walter S. Lasecki

Continuous real-time crowdsourcing and the ‘crowd agent’ model

Ho-Joon Lee

Algorithms and models for multi-dimensional large-scale data

Jon Lee

Nonlinear discrete optimization

Honglak Lee

Machine learning and its applications to artificial intelligence

Peter Lenk

Bayesian methods and data mining

Margaret C. Levenstein

Computational social science

Elizaveta Levina

Statistical inference on realistic models for network

Jun Li

Empirical operations management and business analytics

Jun Li

Genetic and genomic analyses of complex phenotypes

Weiqi Li

New method to solve the traveling salesman problem

Yi Li

Statistical methods for kidney epidemiology

Roderick Little

The analysis of data sets with missing values