Affiliated Faculty

500 MIDAS affiliate faculty members come from over 60 U-M departments, and include instructional (tenure / tenure track / lecturer), clinical and research track faculty.

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Kevyn Collins-Thompson

Intelligent information systems that help people learn and discover

Frederick George Conrad

Exploring new methods and data for social research.

Lia Corrales

Statistical techniques for studying astrophysical aerosols in the X-ray and UV

Jason Corso

High-level computer vision for human language, robotics and data science
Kai S. Cortina

Kai S. Cortina

From children and adolescents to adulthood, and the role of education

Deena Costa

ICU interprofessional teams and patient outcomes

Michael Craig

Furthering climate mitigation and adaptation in energy systems

William Currie

Physical, chemical and ecological processes in the ecosystems

Mark S. Daskin

Supply chain network design in general and facility location models
Gerald Davis

Gerald Davis

Corporate governance and the effects of finance on society
Matthew A. Davis

Matthew A. Davis

Large datasets in health services policy

Pamela Davis-Kean

The interplay of brain, and behavior during human development, biology

Matias del Campo

Research on Architecture Design and Artificial Intelligence
Matthew J Delano

Matthew J Delano

Optimizing innate immune function during trauma and sepsis
Walter Dempsey

Walter Dempsey

Mobile Health, Network Science, Statistical Methods
Hui Deng

Hui Deng

Deep learning for nanophotonics applications