Affiliated Faculty

540 MIDAS affiliate faculty members come from over 60 U-M departments, and include instructional (tenure / tenure track / lecturer), clinical and research track faculty.

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Yulia Sevryugina

COVID-19 literature, Information dissemination, Pandemic publishing, Publishing landscape

Matthew Shapiro

Improving the quality of national economic statistics

Atiyya Shaw

data and methods that prioritize user-centered outcomes in urban systems

Kerby Shedden

Applied statistics, data science and computing with data
Jie Shen

Jie Shen

Digital diagnosis of material damage based on large-scale data

Siqian Shen

Optimization and risk analysis of energy, cloud-computing and transportation, healthcare

David H. Sherman

Biosynthetic Gene Cluster Mining, Genome Sequence Analysis, Virtual Structure Elucidation, drug discovery, natural products

Cong Shi

Data-driven optimization for operations management

Xu Shi

EHR data, causal inference

Albert Shih

Custom devices to improve the quality of care

Yuki Shiraito

Bayesian statistical models and large-scale computational algorithms for political science

Ginger Shultz

Analysis of course placement, skills transfer and scientific reasoning

Yajuan Si

Bayesian, confidentiality protection, missing data, statistics, survey

Kathleen Sienko

Automating and Personalizing Home-Based Balance Training
John Silberholz

John Silberholz

clinical trial data