Affiliated Faculty

540 MIDAS affiliate faculty members come from over 60 U-M departments, and include instructional (tenure / tenure track / lecturer), clinical and research track faculty.

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Margaret C. Levenstein

Margaret C. Levenstein

Computational social science

Elizaveta Levina

Statistical inference on realistic models for network

Lisa Levinson

Natural language processing, linguistics, psycholinguistics, semantics

Gen Li

Data Integration, Dimension Reduction, Microbiome Research, Parsimonious Models, graphical models, predictive modeling
Jun Li_

Jun Li

Empirical operations management and business analytics
Jun Li

Jun Li

Genetic and genomic analyses of complex phenotypes
Max Li

Max Li

Design, Management, and Optimization of Air Transportation Systems
Weiqi Li

Weiqi Li

New method to solve the traveling salesman problem
Yi Li

Yi Li

Statistical methods for kidney epidemiology
Brian Lin

Brian Lin

and estimating driver distraction and workload, evaluating driver assistance systems, mining naturalistic driving data, modeling driver performance and behavior

Edward Lin

Astronomical Survey, Astronomical data reduction, Properties of Solar system minor planets