Around 280 U-M faculty members from over 60 departments are affiliated with MIDAS.

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Mingyan Liu

Stochastic control, game theory and mechanism design, optimization

Xuefeng (Chris) Liu

Statistical models for critical issues

Jie Liu

Machine learning and computational genomics

Henry Liu

Traffic network monitoring, modeling and control

Hernán López-Fernández

Macroevolution and patterns of diversity in freshwater fishes

Vahid Lotfi

Improving efficiency and utilization of outpatient clinics

Jin Lu

Bioinformatics, Health-informatics, PAC learning, machine learning, optimization

Jerome P. Lynch

Large-scale sensor networks for monitoring and control of civil infrastructure

Di Ma

Security, and applied cryptography, privacy

Puneet Manchanda

Using econometrics and machine learning methods to infer causality

Murali Mani

Big data management, analytics and visualization

Z. Morley Mao

and security, mobile and distributed systems, networks

John E Marcotte

Data Management, Data Security, Data Sharing, Discrete Data

Jason Mars

Sophisticated salable systems for A.I., and natural language processing, computer vision

Neda Masoud

Sharing economy and connected and automated vehicle technology for the future of mobility