MIDAS 2020 Symposium Poster Session

The 2020 Symposium’s poster sessions will be hosted on via the College of Engineering’s CareerFair+ tool. A direct link to this platform will be made available in the coming weeks.

Category Poster Title Presenting Author
Biomedical science Comparing the old and new rat reference genomes using 10X linked-read data for 20 HR-LR rats Pan, Yanchao
Biomedical science Deconvolving spatial transcriptomic data using heterogeneous single-cell datasets Sodicoff, Joshua
Biomedical science Deep Learning for 2D and 3D Segmentation of Fluorescent Reporter Cells in Complex Tissue Day, John
Biomedical science Improving phenotype prediction in large biobank data sets using deep learning Manzo, Brian
Biomedical science; Machine learning Using genome-scale metabolic models and machine learning to design combination therapies Chung, Carolina
Ecology Crowdsourcing, curating and integrating data in the CHANGES project: Collections, Heterogenous data and Next Generation Ecological Studies Karen Alofs
Health science Application of a Tensor-Based Classification Method with Electrocardiogram Data Alge, Olivia
Health sciences HostSim: a whole host modeling framework for tuberculosis Joslyn, Louis
Health sciences Validation and comparison of PICTURE analytic and Epic Deterioration Index for COVID-19 Cummings, Brandon
Health sciences Data-Driven Ranges of Near-Optimal Choices for Personalized Hypertension Treatment Plans Marrero, Wesley J.
Health sciences Predicting the second wave of COVID-19 in Washtenaw County, MI Renardy, Marissa
Health sciences GEODE: A novel method to optimize multidrug therapies for tuberculosis Budak, Maral
Health sciences Toward Intervention Prediction for Patients with Bipolar Disorder Northrup, Haley
Health sciences Estimating Propensity Scores from Electronic Health Records using Deep Learning Ouyang, Jing
Machine learning; Space science Machine Learning for Solar Flare Forecasting Sun, Zeyu
Methodology; Algorithmic fairness A Heuristic for Learn-and-Optimize New Mobility Services with Equity and Efficiency Metrics Yu, Fangzhou
Methodology; Biomedical Development and applications of interoperable ontologies for COVID-19 research Yongqun Oliver He
Methodology: Biomedical Integrating single-cell datasets with partially overlapping features using nonnegative matrix factorization Kriebel, April
Methodology; Computational efficiency Revarie: A Python Library for Variogram Calculation, Fitting and Random Field Generation Price, Dean
Methodology; Computational efficiency; Biomedical science Iterative Refinement of Cellular Identity Using Online Learning Gao, Chao
Methodology; Data representation MARMOT: A Framework for Constructing Multimodal Representations for Vision-and-Language Tasks Wu, Patrick Y.
Methodology; Data wrangling Datasheet Scrubber Fayazi, Morteza
Methodology; Databases Secure Query Processing in the Cloud using Fully Homomorphic Encryption Singaraj, Naveenkumar
Methodology; Machine learning; Physical science Opportunities for transfer learning in chemical reaction discovery Shim, Eunjae
Methodology; Math modeling; Physical science Non-Parametric Spherical Jeans Mass Estimation with B-Splines Rehemtulla, Nabeel
Methodology; Math modeling; Social science When To Buy, When To Attend – Modeling Event Ticket Purchase Dynamics Ahn, Gwen
Methodology; Statistical modeling Consistent Estimation of Identifiable Nonparametric Mixture Models from Grouped Observations Alex Ritchie
Methodology; Statistics; Machine learning; Computer vision; Cosmology Bayesian Light Source Separator (BLISS): 
 Fully Probabilistic detection, deblending, and measurement Mendoza, Ismael
Methodology; Text analysis Developing OCR Pipelines for Historical Social Science Thompson-Brusstar, Mike
Physical science Application of Spatial Statistical Tool Revarie to Nuclear Reactor Pin Heat Distribution Scenario Price, Dean
Physical science Data-Driven Computational Chemistry Techniques to Understand Lignin Degradation Punzalan, Exequiel
Social science School Connectedness as a Buffer Against Childhood Exposure to Violence and Social Deprivation Goetschius, Leigh
Social science Ten Social Dimensions of Conversations and Relationships Choi, Minje
Social science Gaming Addiction: An Empirical Analysis Castelo Branco, Bruno
Social science; Education research Differential Assessment, Differential Benefit: Four-year Problem Roulette Analysis of STEM Practice Study Weaverdyck, Noah
Statistics Validating Surrogate Endpoints with Longitudinal Outcomes Roberts, Emily
Statistics Normalizing flows succeed where GANs fails: Lessons from low-dimensional data Liu, Tianci
Statistics Conditional covariance estimation for multivariate longitudinal data Gupta, Sanjana
Statistics; Health sciences A Multilevel Bayesian Approach to Improve Effect Size Estimation in Regression Modeling of Metabolomics Data Utilizing Imputation with Uncertainty Jennaro, Theodore
Statistics; Physical science ArgoSSM: A Bayesian state-space framework for predicting missing sensor locations Hansen, Derek
The science of science A Role of Preprints in Scholarly Communication Landscape during the Pandemic Sevryugina, Yulia
The science of science Analyzing Preprints: The Challenges of Working with Publishers’ Metadata Dicks, Andrew
The science of science Supporting Interdisciplinary Research Reviews with Multi-Level Topic Maps Lafia, Sara

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