Title Presenter Position (U-M unless otherwise noted)
3D Segmentation of Mandibular Condyles Using Image Processing and Machine Learning Methods Reza Soroushmehr Research Investigator
A Data-Driven Framework for Optimizing Transit Itineraries Yiyang Wang PhD Candidate
A Deep Learning Approach to Galaxy Cluster X-ray Masses Michelle Ntampaka Harvard University
A Heuristic for Learn-and-Optimize New Mobility Services with Equity and Efficiency Metrics Fangzhou Yu Ungraduate Student
A Multi-Modal Approach to Diagnosing Acute Cardiopulmonary Conditions Sarah Jabbour Research Assistant
A Naturalistic Cycling Study in Ann Arbor, Michigan Fred Feng Assistant Professor
A Pipeline for Automated Diagnosis of Stenosis in Coronary Arteries Alexander Wood Research fellow
A supervised learning approach to classification of cell phone data by travel mode Tessa Swanson PhD Student
Accessible, affordable, attested transportation in the greater Detroit metropolitanfor UMD and beyond Rebecca Lowmaster graduate student
An R package for fitting multivatiate climate data and extracting an entropy model Hessa Al-Thani Master’s student
Analysis of Higher Education Financing Trends and Options Cindy Stuch Undergraduate student
Ancestral Surface Reconstruction Shan Shan Duke University
Annotation of non-coding variants for miRNA targeted mRNAs in TCGA data sets Brian Wu High School Student
Application of a Contour Theory Method to Load Profiling in a Power Utility William Dula Clark Atlanta University
Approximate 1-norm minimization and minimum-rank structured sparsity for various generalized inverses via local search Luze Xu PhD student
Arab American Obesity Prevalence in Southeast MI Noor Sulieman Masters student
Assessing High-Resolution CubeSat Imagery and Machine Learning for Detailed, High Resolution Snow-Covered Area: An Ecological Perspective Tony Cannistra University of Washington
Augmenting the Learning Health System with Self-Tracking to Tackle Enigmatic Diseases Ipek Ensari Columbia University
Automated Analysis of Subdural Hematoma for Patients with Traumatic Brain Injuries: A Machine Learning Approach Negar Farzaneh  PhD student
Bayesian Functional Regression on Manifold via Spherical Wavelets Emma Zohner Rice University
Being Aware Helps: how Mindfulness and Data Analytics Benefit Students and an Educational NPO Lanmiao He Iowa State University
Brain Hemodynamics Mapping Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Techniques Reza Soroushmehr Research Investigator
Chromatin information content landscapes inform transcription factor and DNA interactions Ricardo D’Oliveira Albanus PhD student
Classification of Osteosarcoma or Benign Tumor using RNA-seq and Imaging Data Olivia Alge PhD student
Clinical Decision Recommendation Using Fuzzy Neural Network Heming Yao PhD Candidate
Comparing Midline Shift and Mid-Surface Shift: Correlation with Outcome of Traumatic Brain Injury Cheng Jiang Master’s student
ContaMiNot – Using Machine Learning and Object Recognition to Reduce Waste Stream Contamination Jule Krüger Program Manager
Convergence Rate Analysis for Distributed Optimization with Localization Hsu Kao PhD student
Convolutional Neural Networks for Learning Representations of Cellular State Hojae Lee PhD Student
Data Science Applications in the Neuroscience of Learning & Memory Alexa Faulkner PhD Candidate
Deep Learning Guided Scalar-on-Network Regression with application to the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study Tahmeed Tureen M.S. student
Deep Neural Networks Improve Radiologists’ Performance in Breast Cancer Screening Nan Wu New York University
Density Estimation on Manifolds with Fisher-Gaussian Kernels Didong Li Duke University
Developing an Optimized Decision Support Framework for Sustainable Field-scale Assessment by Integrating ACPF, PTMApp, and HSPF-SAM Srinivas Rallapalli University of Minnesota
Disentangling Factors of Cellular Identity using Generative Adversarial Networks Hengshi Yu Ph.D. Candidate
Disparities in the Incidence if Treated Type 2 Diabetes in the United States in the Privately Insured Population Tanima Basu Senior Statician
Domain adaptation for spatial and dissociated gene expression data integration Yutong Wang PhD student
Dynamic Resource Allocation for Coordination of Inpatient Operations in Hospitals Najibesadat Sadati Wayne State University
Efficient Exploration of Query Results Using Provenance Naveenkumar Singaraj Graduate Student
Everyday Mobility Behaviors Predict Psychological Well-Being Among Young Adults Sandrine Muller Columbia University
Focused representation models for transcribing prescription instructions Xinyan Zhao PhD student
Foundational Issues in Computational Evolutionary Biology and Political Science Robert Ravier Duke University
Fundamental Limits of Noisy 20 Question Problem Lin Zhou Research Fellow
Gaussian Variational Estimation for Multidimensional Item Response Theory April Cho PhD student
Herding a Deluge of Good Samaritans: How GitHub Projects in the Limelight Handle Rapid Growth Danaja Maldeniya PhD student
How people’s preference for partners varies across cities and demographics Swapnil Gavade Research Data Analyst
Improving Performance and Quality of Database-Backed Software Yang Junwen University of Chicago
Incorporating Patient Subgroups During Surrogate Endpoint Validation Emily Roberts PhD Candidate
Interpretable and Context Based Neural Network Modeling of Histology Images Arunima Srivastava The Ohio State University
Intervention-Aware Early Warning Dhivya Eswaran Carnegie Mellon University
Intro to Federated Learning Jack Goetz PhD student
Iterative Refinement of Cellular Identity Using Online Learning Chao Gao PhD student
Jointly embedding multiple single-cell omics measurements Yuanhao Huang PhD student
Laminar activity in mouse barrel cortex changes with both arousal and discrimination learning Lezio Bueno-Junior Post Doc
Large-scale Combinatorial Optimization for Data Summarization and Resource-efficient Machine Learning Baharan Mirzasoleiman Stanford University
Learning Structure from Unstructured Data Tuhin Sarkar Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Leveraging Gene Co-expression Patterns to Infer Trait-Relevant Tissues in Genome-wide Association Studies Lulu Shang PhD student
Leveraging Machine Learning to Accelerate Computational Catalysis Research Andres Fernandez Trevino Undergraduate Research Assistant
Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) Network for Rainfall-Runoff Modeling Sara Mille Engineer
Machine Learning-Aided DFT to Accelerate the Structure Search of Nanocluster Catalysts Eric Musa Undergraduate researcher
Markov Models for Detection of Ventricular Arrhythmia Zhi Li PhD student
Med DEI Dashboard: How to Design User-friendly Analysis to Drive Social Change Willa Hua Undergraduate Student and Business Analyst Intern
Natural Language Processing approaches to detect mentions of drugs and adverse events in tweets Deahan Yu PhD student
Network Entropy Reveals that Cancer Resistance to MEK Inhibitors Is Driven by the Resilience of Proliferative Signaling Andrej Bugrim President and CEO
Operationalizing Conflict and Cooperation Between Automated Software Agents in Wikipedia: A Replication, Refutation, and Expansion of “Even Good Bots Fight.” Stuart Geiger UC-Berkeley
Parsing latent factors in high dimensional classification Yujia Pan PhD Student
PICTURE-Rehab: Predicting Acute Care Transfers in the Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit Christopher Gillies Assistant Research Scientist
Predicting Chromatin Organization at Nucleosome Resolution Fan Feng PhD student
Predicting Healing of Diabetic Foot Ulcers through Machine Learning Renaid Kim PhD student
Predicting Microbe-microbe Interactions from Time Series Metagenomic Data Daniel Ruiz-Perez Florida International University
Profit for You and Me: Exploring Ad Servers on Fake News Sites Lia Bozarth Grad Student
Reconstructing Commuters Network Using Machine Learning and Urban Indicators Luiz G. A. Alves Northwestern University
Regression Analysis of Dependent Binary Data for Estimating Disease Etiology from Case-Control Studies Irena Chen PhD student
Replicating and extending a meta-analysis to determine the magnitude of sex differences seen in high school mathematics Dominic Kelly PhD student
Robust Segmentation of Lung in Chest X-Ray: Applications in Analysis of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Narathip Reamaroon PhD Student
Robust Sequential Imputation: A New Treatment for Missing Values in High-Dimensional (Survey) Data Micha Fischer PhD student
Single cell ATAC-seq in human pancreatic islets and deep learning upscaling of rare cells reveals cell-specific type 2 diabetes regulatory signatures Vivek Rai PhD student
Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals differences in transcriptomic profiles of normal mammary cells between African American and European American women Tasha Thong PhD student
Smart Roles: Inferring Professional Roles in Email Networks Mark Heimann PhD student
Spatio-temporal Analysis of the Public Transit Services in Benton Harbor, MI Kidus Admassu Ph.D. student
Tensor Decompositions for Quantum Many-body Problems Jia Li PhD Student
The Short- and Long-term Effects of State Medicaid Expansions on Mortality; Evidence from Generalized Synthetic Control and Event-Study Designs Antonios Koumpias Assistant Professor of Economics
Tracking Public Opinion with Twitter Robyn Ferg PhD student
TransConv: Relationship Embedding in Social Networks Yi-Yu Lai Purdue University
TransPRECISE : Proteomics-based Network Modeling of Pan-cancer Human and Cell Line Interactome Rupam Bhattacharyya PhD student
Use Code Ocean to Share Your Research Code Susan Borda Data Workflows Specialist
Use IPW for missing values when evaluating an existing prediction model Pin Li PhD student
What is Normal and What is Strange in a Knowledge Graph: Unified Characterization via Inductive Summarization Caleb Belth PhD student