20171011_130918There were more than 50 entries in the 2017 MIDAS Annual Symposium Student Poster Competition.

Best Overall

Data Analytics for Optimal Detection of Metastatic Prostate Cancer, Lead Author: Selin Merdan

Most Innovative Use of Data

Computable Hyper-Volume Phenotypes, Lead Author: Hanbo Sun

Optimally Weighted PCA for High-Dimensional Heteroscedastic Data, Lead Author: David Hong

Most Likely to have Societal Impact

Integrated Prediction of Wind Power Production, Lead Author: Jingxing Wang

Computational Testing of Scarf Algorithm for Near Feasible Stable Matching with Couples, Lead Author: Dengwang, Tang

Most Interesting Methodological Advancement

Personalized PageRank Estimation for Many Nodes: The Impact of Clustering on Complexity, Lead Author: Daniel Vial

A convex clustering formulation using the similarity matrix, Lead Author: Yutong Wang

Most Likely to have Transformative Scientific Impact

Predicting Genome-Wide Transcription Factor Binding and Chromatin Architecture from Chromatin Accessibility Data, Lead Author: Ricardo D’Oliveira Albanus

Data-Driven Tools for Patient Risk Stratification for ARDS, Authors: Tejas Prahlad, Daniel Zeiberg

Most Likely to have Health Impact

Predicting the Distribution of Emotion Perception: Capturing Inter-rater Variability, Lead Author: Biqiao Zhang

Detecting differentially expressed metabolic pathways with adjustments for macronutrient intake, Lead Author: Teal Guidici