MBDH logoJune 22-23, 2017
Michigan Union, 530 S. State St., Ann Arbor, MI

The “Big Data for Transportation and Mobility” symposium, sponsored by the NSF-supported Midwest Big Data Hub, focused¬†on the current and future challenges of using data to address society’s evolving transportation capabilities and needs.

The symposium featured presentations from researchers from institutions associated with MBDH; tours of research facilities on the U-M campus; breakout sessions; and a poster session.

Read this announcement for a short synopsis.

Keynote Address

Shoreh Elhami
City of Columbus

Christopher Stewart
Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University

Lightning Talks

Brian Athey
Michigan Institute for Data Science

Carol Flannagan
U-M Transportation Research Institute

Erman Osman Gungor
Illinois Center for Transportation

Shauna Hallmark
Iowa State University Institute for Transportation

Al Hero
Al Hero
Michigan Institute for Data Science

Jeremy Mattson
Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, North Dakota State University

4/26/06 Engineering Faculty headshots.
Huei Peng
Mcity, University of Michigan

Chungwook Sim
Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nebraska

Pascal Van Hentenryck
Industrial and Operations Engineering, University of Michigan

Breakout Sessions & Tutorials

Breakout Sessions:

  • New sources of transportation data from mobile devices and other resources
  • New analytic tools for designing and managing transportation systems
  • Data for improving transportation safety
  • New mobility options for small and midsize cities in the Midwest
  • Automated and connected vehicles
  • Using big data for monitoring bridges


  • Transforming transportation operations using high performance computing
  • Using Machine Learning to Analyze Taxi Data
  • Introduction to Transportation Data, Sources and Methods
  • On-Demand Transit: The Next Revolution?