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Applications: Electronic Medical Record Data, Healthcare Management and Outcomes, Medical Informatics, Precision Health Methodologies: Bayesian Methods, Computational Tools for Data Science, Heterogeneous Data Integration, Statistical Inference, Statistical Modeling

Zhenke Wu

Assistant Professor, Biostatistics

Zhenke Wu is an Assistant Professor of Biostatistics, and Research Assistant Professor in Michigan Institute of Data Science (MIDAS). He received his Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the Johns Hopkins University in 2014 and then stayed at Hopkins for his postdoctoral training before joining the University of Michigan. Dr. Wu’s research focuses on the design and application of statistical methods that inform health decisions made by individuals, or precision medicine. The original methods and software developed by Dr. Wu are now used by investigators from research institutes such as CDC and Johns Hopkins, as well as site investigators from developing countries, e.g., Kenya, South Africa, Gambia, Mali, Zambia, Thailand and Bangladesh.