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Applications: Archiving, Digital Curation Methodologies: Provenance Tracking and Reuse Relevant Projects: NSF DataNet: SEAD (PI), Open Data IGERT (NSF) (PI), Sustainability Gap Project (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation), PRISMS Materials Commons (DOE) Connections:

Research Data Alliance, NRC-National Academies

Margaret Hedstrom

Professor, School of Information


Institute for Social Research

My research centers on the methods, costs, incentives, and implementation of scalable digital curation and archiving services as a core element of the underlying infrastructure for research data management, reproducible research, and data analysis.  I study the social and technical dimensions digital curation including data sharing behaviors among scientists in different research domains, techniques for automated metadata extraction and user-contributed metadata, requirements for meaningful reuse of numeric, image, and textual data, and long-term preservation of digital information.  My current research projects span projects involving researchers in environmental science and sustainability, social science, bioinformatics, and materials science.