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Applications: Biomarkers, Cancer, Personalized/Precision Medicine Relevant Projects: NIH R01 in Statistical Methods for Cancer Biomarkers

Jeremy M G Taylor

Professor, Biostatistics


Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics, Radiation Oncology

I have broad interests and expertise in developing statistical methodology and applying it in biomedical research, particularly in cancer research. I have undertaken research  in power transformations, longitudinal modeling, survival analysis particularly cure models, missing data methods, causal inference and in modeling radiation oncology related data.  Recent interests, specifically related to cancer, are in statistical methods for genomic data, statistical methods for evaluating cancer biomarkers, surrogate endpoints, phase I trial design, statistical methods for personalized medicine and prognostic and predictive model validation.  I strive to develop principled methods that will lead to valid interpretations of the complex data that is collected in biomedical research.