The educational goals of the Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS) include tight integration of data-intensive research, development, implementation and trans-disciplinary training.

This coupling of scientific discovery and practice involves the collection, management, processing, analysis, visualization, and interpretation of vast amounts of heterogeneous data associated with a diverse array of scientific, translational, and inter-disciplinary applications.

MIDAS provides a broad spectrum of training opportunities tailored towards junior and senior, basic and applied, social and computational, engineering and medical students, and all other U-M trans-disciplinary graduate students. The students in the MIDAS Graduate Data Science Certificate Program publish a quarterly newsletter that reviews challenges, advances, opportunities and events in data science research, education, practice and networking.

Graduate Data Science Certificate Program

The Graduate Data Science Certificate Program is now accepting students — applications can be submitted at any time.

Data Science MOOCs

Various opportunities to enter the field of Data Science and gain advanced predictive analytics skills.


In cooperation with MIDAS, Consulting for Statistics, Computing and Analytics Research (CSCAR) provides training on all aspects of data science practice and methodology. Please see the CSCAR Workshop Schedule for more information.


See the MIDAS Events page for events focused on data science, including seminars and symposia.


Looking for career advancement, including internships and research opportunities? See the Data Science Careers page.