Stephanie Teasley

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Dr. Teasley’s research has focused on issues of collaboration and learning, looking specifically at how sociotechnical systems can be used to support effective collaborative processes and successful learning outcomes. As Director of the LED lab, she leads learning analytics-based research to investigate how instructional technologies and digital media are used to innovate teaching, learning, and collaboration. The LED Lab is committed to providing a significant contribution to scholarship about learning at Michigan and in the broader field as well, by building an empirical evidentiary base for the design and support of technology rich learning environments.


Kevyn Collins-Thompson

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My lab explores algorithms and interfaces for intelligent information systems that can infer when and how to help people learn and discover. Examples include search engines that can deliver the right kind of personalized information at the right time, and intelligent tutoring systems that learn when and how to be most helpful in teaching a particular student. Toward these goals, I employ data-centric methods that include machine learning from interaction traces and large-scale text mining and retrieval. My current research is centered on education, but I’m also interested in mobile and health-related applications.