Timothy Pletcher

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My current research focus is on modeling and simulating the value and benefits of various data sharing and policy trade offs. Typically these utilize system dynamics methodologies and tools.

I also have considerable experience across multiple industries with developing processes to enable industry and faculty to identify and solve data science problems using SAS tools.


Name: Danai Koutra
Uniqname: dkoutra
Department: EECS
Photo: Joseph Xu, Michigan Engineering Communications & Marketing

Danai Koutra

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I develop fast and principled methods for exploring and understanding one or more massive graphs. In addition to fast algorithmic methodologies, my research also contributes graph-theoretical ideas and models, and real-world applications in two main areas: (i) Single-graph exploration, which includes graph summarization and inference; (ii) Multiple-graph exploration, which includes summarization of time-evolving graphs, graph similarity and network alignment. My research is applied mainly to social, collaboration and web networks, as well as brain connectivity graphs.