Liza Levina

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Liza Levina and her group work on various questions arising in the statistical analysis of large and complex data, especially networks and graphs. Our current focus is on developing rigorous and computationally efficient statistical inference on realistic models for networks. Current directions include community detection problems in networks (overlapping communities, networks with additional information about the nodes and edges, estimating the number of communities), link prediction (networks with missing or noisy links, networks evolving over time), prediction with data connected by a network (e.g., the role of friendship networks in the spread of risky behaviors among teenagers), and statistical analysis of samples of networks with applications to brain imaging, especially fMRI data from studies of mental health).


Bin Nan

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I am currently developing scalable methods for the estimation and inference of large covariance and precision matrices from temporally dependent data, focusing on the voxel-level brain connectivity. I am also involved in analyzing imaging data for Alzheimer’s disease, large healthcare data for the end stage renal disease, large epidemiological cohort data, and data from radiology studies.